Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Marooned on a sandy beach without my ship

Aye, there was a lot of sand! A great expanse, as a matter of fact. My parrot had flown it's coop, my ship had set sail without me an' just slipped o'er the horizon, and I felt like a pickled crab without a drink*. Anyways, I found myself gazing at the salty sea. What else could I do?

*(Pickled crabs like a stiff Mojito on occasion)

I think the stripes make it go faster...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We come in peace!

One Zoomer and a lot of sand

I rode my Zoomer (Honda Ruckus to all you americans) down to my
In-laws summer house, it's 100km one way. The distance is near perfect if you still want to keep just a little bit of cool upon arriving.

Anyhoo... I rode it onto the beach. Looked at the little quaint village at the far end of it, looked at the sea, smelled the breeze... Yep, a zen kind of moment can be had rather quick!

A silly little film about tuning, rainy weather and
speed. Soundtrack by my musical guru Brian Eno

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Celebrating Helsinki 458:th anniversary

This was my view from the dictatoresque waving-balcony on City Hall, Helsinki. I think the gentlemen in the foreground are Thai diplomats.

This was a genuinely surreal experience. I was attending by special invitation only, but I could not understand a single word anyone was saying. There was a cold platter buffé with fish of every imaginable variety, an unending supply of champagne...
I left the party with my brain trying to make connections to David Lynch movies. I walked home to my luxury hotel, housed in a former prison.
The windows in my room were seven feet up, and the walls seven feet thick.
I slept, well.

Celebrating Finlands 458:th birthday

This was my view from the dictator-esque waving