Saturday, May 27, 2006

This is my avatar. I use it at Zoomer-zone. Or rather, I don't anymore. Nowadays I use an image of a plastic pig. A totally different tack; It's really, really difficult to hold one single thought, let alone getting around to publishing it when having a 12-year hold hanging over one's shoulder. Privacy? Silly really, as that thought will become public domain in a matter of seconds once I click that icon...

Long weekend

Tell you what. Went and bought a Yamaha Neo's scooter at the beginning of the month, and now I have an eternal stomach ache. Will I be able to pay the mortgages? How do I keep it from being stolen? Is the chain I bought (Able to withstand 10 metric tons of pull) enough? Will the lock that came with it withstand attempted theft? (Probably. It's strong enough to hold a 747 in place). What if I lose my job, how will I pay for it then? What if I crash? What if... I make Woody Allen seem downright cheery!

It is fun riding it, though. I zip around town merry as a Santa on ___. Half of the time feeling like a teenager, and the other half feeling slightly like a middleaged dork feeling like a teenager. I use it for work. That being the excuse for getting it in the first place. So, nowadays everyday is a bad hair day!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Friday fantastic?

Friday is coming up fast and will be here tomorrow. I'll be spending most part of my day sitting in different meetings. I will try to be on my best behaviour and not appear bored.

My father is attending a funeral in a nearby town and will come to stay with us afterwards, before catching the train back to Stockholm on Saturday. I'll be picking him up at the station at a quarter past eight, and I'll probably have some supper prepared so that we can eat toghether.

Later on when everyone's gone to bed for the night, I'll be off to a party at my old faculty. I plan to take the car and thus remain sober. I guess this should make the evening slightly boring for me, what with everyone else tanked up, so that I'll want to gome home early-ish! Clever, eh? Just as well, as having my father for a visit takes it's toll. Not that he's a pain, it's just that he reminds me of one of those trolleys in a supermarket that has a wonky wheel...