Thursday, May 18, 2006

Friday fantastic?

Friday is coming up fast and will be here tomorrow. I'll be spending most part of my day sitting in different meetings. I will try to be on my best behaviour and not appear bored.

My father is attending a funeral in a nearby town and will come to stay with us afterwards, before catching the train back to Stockholm on Saturday. I'll be picking him up at the station at a quarter past eight, and I'll probably have some supper prepared so that we can eat toghether.

Later on when everyone's gone to bed for the night, I'll be off to a party at my old faculty. I plan to take the car and thus remain sober. I guess this should make the evening slightly boring for me, what with everyone else tanked up, so that I'll want to gome home early-ish! Clever, eh? Just as well, as having my father for a visit takes it's toll. Not that he's a pain, it's just that he reminds me of one of those trolleys in a supermarket that has a wonky wheel...

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