Saturday, May 27, 2006

Long weekend

Tell you what. Went and bought a Yamaha Neo's scooter at the beginning of the month, and now I have an eternal stomach ache. Will I be able to pay the mortgages? How do I keep it from being stolen? Is the chain I bought (Able to withstand 10 metric tons of pull) enough? Will the lock that came with it withstand attempted theft? (Probably. It's strong enough to hold a 747 in place). What if I lose my job, how will I pay for it then? What if I crash? What if... I make Woody Allen seem downright cheery!

It is fun riding it, though. I zip around town merry as a Santa on ___. Half of the time feeling like a teenager, and the other half feeling slightly like a middleaged dork feeling like a teenager. I use it for work. That being the excuse for getting it in the first place. So, nowadays everyday is a bad hair day!

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