Tuesday, December 26, 2006

X-mas present

I don't really know how to adress the issue of, well... being mind-numbingly bored! Having a couple of days off is a crisis, as there is time to reflect on such issues... Anyway, Christmas was OK (but not over yet) and at least I can stand it better now than I could before.

I am pleased I managed not to receive a whole bunch of presents I do not want. Instead I was given a couple of things I really did want; One immaterial the other one material. The material one was this (see pic) fine piece of modern design. It's called Compinibili, designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri and manufactured by Kartell. I plan to place it next to my (hitherto not even unpacked) frosted glass worktable (from IKEA) in my new apartment. I'm going to store headphones, mp3 player and mobile phone paraphernilia in it. I will probably set down my espresso on the top...

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