Monday, January 25, 2010

When is enough enough?

Apparently, the swedish Lotto has now reached a record 183 million SEK. That would suit me just fine. The only trouble is, I wouldn't dare tell anyone!
I would have to take some time off to do some hard thinking about what to do with it all. Actually, I already have a plan and it goes something like this:
I'm presently 45 years old and I hope I have about 40 or so more years to go... Supposing I gave myself the equivalent of an annual net salary of 1 million SEK, or 83 333 SEK every month and therefore put away roughly 40 million to cover that, the money gaining interest.... I would still have more than a 140 million SEK too foolishly squander on philantrophy!

So; imagine the fun one could have, investing in whole villages, starting schools, enhancing healthcare and reducing extreme poverty... Wow!

Oh yeah, I pledge to the above if I do win that sum.
So, here's keeping my fingers crossed.


TeaElliott said...

I am starting a charity :-)

Jepi said...

yep! I think that charity would be eligible for a contribution, provided the stars actually do align in my favour...