Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yamaha Neo's revisited

Well, I wrote about my Yamaha Neo's a few years ago when it was brand new. I loved it, and I wrote:

"This is one of the things I drive. It's a Yamaha Neo's 50cc scooter. I like the light blue colour, and I like that it does 60 km/h without much effort. On my premier-drive through the newly built Götatunneln, I noted something peculiar to that stretch of road -I hit 72 km/h".

The thing is, I now ride the new icon of future cool, the Honda Zoomer. It's a solo-experience machine, slightly rebel and just a tad geek. I actually bought it for its sound and because it reminded me of my childhood Tonka Toy heavy trucks.

But, I miss having the option of taking my woman for a ride into town once in a while, having the luggage capacity and sitting well...

I've thought of buying the überclassic of all classics, the Vespa.... but I don't know...
perhaps it's too iconic?

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TeaElliott said...

Awe... - the Vespa is a classic! In town and buzzing. I don't know - the new babies are fun, but there is nothing like a Roman holiday.