Monday, August 08, 2011

Time for a new ride?

So, I finally did something I never thought I would do. I've put my Honda Zoomer up for sale, and on top of that I'm offering to sell it for half of what I paid for it, just to make sure that band-aid comes off really quickly. Why? Because I want to have the new Ecoride Trend electric-bicycle!

Why? Because I love the concept of cruising into and around town in my tweed jacket, while reading a book...on the way to my favourite café... Or riding it to meetings with my clients, who seem to think it utterly and endlessly important to have the latest Range Rover/Ferrari/Mercedes or whatever. So much for that.

It will also be fun to figure out alternative ways to charge it. A miniature-wind farm? A solar panel on my roof? I wonder how long it will take until I have a Brammo, too...

UPDATE: It's been almost two weeks since sold the Zoomer and aquired the bike. So far, it has lived up to my expectations excellently. My next mod on it will be to replace the mudguards with recycled wooden blinds.

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