Thursday, October 27, 2011

Object of desire XV

Go to the ICON 4X4 homepage and experience that special thrill you can only have when seeing an true object of desire and where you just know that "I really, really...really want one of those". Sure it's a truck and not a car. Sure it's unnecessarily big for your everyday commute. And quite surely there are zillions of cars more suited to city life. But look at it... Look at the paintwork. The suspension. The rapt attention given to even the minutest detail...

I'm actually finding myself trying to work out an equation including my carbon footprint where at the end, I can have one. So, if I ride my electric bike five of seven weekdays thus saving loads of environment, can I drive it to work one day and go on a little weekend trip, then? Oh, they don't sell them in Sweden? Well, suppose I sell my house and move to California, live in the hills and work in a vineyard...then can I have one? Please? Pretty please, with ecologic fairtrade sugar on top?

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