Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Object of desire XVII

Three years ago I discovered Magrette Timepieces ( I wrote: "I never thought I would desire a hybrid watch with a japanese movement, but this watch (and the whole concept -great storytelling there! -of this New Zealand watch company is so cool!) is suave. I will feel cool wearing this. Not only because it reminds me of "home" and looks fantastic -it's only made in 500 pieces. Good enough for me".

Now they've gone and done it all again! A little while back they offered a fantastic chronograph with unidirectional bezel. That disappeared right quick, as they only make so many (usually 500pcs) of each. Their latest offering is the Moana Pacific Diver, in three different color combinations:

  • Stainless steel / blue dial (pictured)
  • Black PVD / black dial and
  • Rose gold PVD / grey dial

  • They have made it extremely difficult to choose one before another, I want all three! But, as reality catches up with me I will go with the retro blue one. It's just wearable cool.

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